Santorini visitors have the power to save!

Do not participate in animal torture activities

  • Do not take rides on sick donkeys (emaciation, apathy, lack of expression, empty stare, teary eyes, dull fur, protruding pelvis bones, unsteady gait, etc.) or in the midday heat
  • Examine the mounts closely (injury from spurs, kicks, foot shackles, saddles/bridles, mouthpieces/snaffles, bad treatment, etc.)
  • Notice the behavior of the animal carer/driver; make a complaint if appropriate; change the provider or renounce the ride
  • For your own safety and protection of the donkey, check the saddle and bridle; do not accept any makeshift or patchwork solutions.

Plan ahead already as you book your holiday

  • Note the contact details of local animal welfare organizations and vets.
  • Book a progressive hotel, which sterilizes “its” hotel cats and has set up official feeding spots on the hotel grounds (STERILA-pipeline project).
  • With the right knowledge, tourists can already prevent and stop a lot of abuse.

Have a cat sterilized during your stay on Santorini

  • Check the procedure under the Adoption tab.
  • Travel with a cat transport bag instead of a beauty case. You can also contact STERILA before coming to borrow a transport box for a deposit fee. Plan your cat mission thoroughly from home. Start on your mission at the beginning of your stay on Santorini. Capture a clearly unsterilized cat (minimum 6 months old.) Keep away from tame, trustful cats; they might already be sterilized without a mark such as tattoo or ear-clip. Bring your furry friend, preferably on an empty stomach, to one of our partner vets and get a sterilization document with the header «STERILA». Take a picture of the cat before and after sterilization. Time it so that you can still keep an eye on/get to see the cat after sterilization for a minimum of 3 days (feeding spots). Release the cat exactly in the place that you captured it (under no circumstances elsewhere!). The time of release will be arranged prior together with the vet. With your pictures (mandatory) and the provided document, STERILA HQ (Kamari, Santorini) will refund you the sterilization costs, if you drop by in person within 10 days after the sterilization.
  • With the sterilization process, you have already helped this cat a lot! It will have a better, healthier life (decreased fight wounds, sexually transmitted diseases, etc.). Most importantly, with your successful TNR measure, you will have prevented tens of thousands of unwanted cat births over the years


    There is NO cat shelter on Santorini and STERILA relies on foster homes which are usually full but we will try our best find space for your rescue.

    If you would like to report an emergency, the best way to contact us is either via Whatsapp or Facebook. Include your answers to the following questions so that volunteers can respond faster:

    - Where is the exact location?

    - When was the last time you last saw the cat/s?

    - Is there an emergency or in need of medical attention? If yes, please bring to the vet ASAP. Information on Santorini vets are in our Contact page.

    - Please send us photos of cat/s

    - Until when are you in Santorini?

    - Will you be willing to sponsor the cat/s? Cover medical expense bills (if needed)?

    - Are you willing to adopt/foster?

    - Is the cat afraid of humans?

    - Are the hotel/restaurant close by feeding the cat/s? Please also check tourists nearby if they can help. We have wonderful stories with a chain of tourists helping strays until they get adopted.


    If you are reporting a kitten, please wait and do not move the kitten as the cat mom might come back. If no sign of the cat mom after a few hours, please contact us!