Help us fight this vicious cycle

Do the right thing

  • Offer dignity – serve as an example – treat all feline beings with respect
  • Tell the world about the power for change that tourists have
  • Do the right thing: TRAP – NEUTER – RETURN (TNR)

  • Become an expert – plan and organize your cat mission well!
  • Hands off: never have a cat sterilized that is very tame, or shows an ear tattoo, a clipped ear (EC cat) or is younger than 6 months; REMEMBER: Attached cats might have been sterilized already (with no visible proof)! Also, from March till November many cats are pregnant. Therefore, in case of doubts, trap/neuter/return a clearly unsterilized MALE cat!

    Consider having a monthly recurring donation in Paypal to help us with our monthly expenses - every EUR helps! Support us financially by donating to our Paypal account: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or clicking the donation button in our website.

    We also started a GoFundMe page:

    Please share this with your friends and family - thank you!


    Our rescues specially our orphaned kittens are in need of kitten milk, warm blankets, and toys. We also have rescued strays with health conditions and need wetfood. Help them by sponsoring an item from our Wishlist here.

  • SUPPORT OUR PARTNERS - hand made toys and hotel tips

    Koko Catnip Bakery created a cute Octopus toy special to support STERILA with feeding cats and TNR missions. 50% of the sales of the hand-made organic catnip Octopus Toy will be donated.

    Consider treating your pet to a hand-made organic catnip toy and help stray cats at the same time! Order here!

    Hotels with Cats has been supporting STERILA for several years by helping with fundraising, documenting our work, and raising awareness of the terrible situation of animals in Santorini. Support them by Subscribing to their mailing list, join their Patreon, purchase a product, and share their website to fellow cat lovers who love to travel.


    Our adorable rescued kittens and ready-to-travel cats are waiting to be adopted by a cat loving person and go to their forever home. Contact us for more information.

    We are open for Adoption agencies who would like to partner with us to have more adoption opportunities for our rescues.


    Join STERILA and become a mission mate or volunteer (driver, foster home, flight escort, social media, etc..) We welcome ALL volunteers either from local and abroad who would like to help us during their stay on Santorini. We also have volunteers who work remotely (social media manager, administrator, fundraisor, partner, etc) that have been providing great impact to our work.

    English Volunteer Form

    German Volunteer Form

    Types of volunteers:

         Driver                           Flight Escort

         Foster Home              Web/Social Media Admin

         Management              Others


    Organizing a successful TNR mission is NEVER easy (timing/waiting time for captured cat, vet appointments/working hrs., transportation, stress, etc.).

    Please consider joining a STERILA-action week (November till March = least pregnancies) for a few days or so by completing our TNR Volunteer form.

    We truly need every volunteer driver, caretaker, cat lover we can get! 


    As we are overwhelmed, we appreciate supporters who can organize fundraisers to support the Santorini stray cats. This could be a fundraiser party, auction, booth at an event and other creative ways. We are happy to share materials you can use and support so please let us know if you wish to organize one for STERILA.


    You can help STERILA achieve its biggest goal: a cat shelter solution by providing financial support.

    VERY IMPORTANT: We DO NOT have an animal shelter.

    With the cat shelter solution, we’re aiming at providing cat homes before the winter torments the strays out on the empty streets of Santorini!

    We also need a place for cats during sterilization (temporary stay), for the many kittens found in the garbage, and for cats too young for sterilization. This will also be a shelter for moms with small kittens and for ill/rehab/injured cats.

    For now, we are relying on foster homes and private volunteers but having a shelter on the island will save a lot more strays in the future!

THANKS to your financial aid, STERILA can pay for:

  • Vet and medical expenses (spay, neuter, vaccinations, emergencies etc.)
  • Cat food/feeding point network (essential to the TNR-program)
  • Pipeline project: “next generation” (booklets, etc. for kids)
  • Pipeline project: “cat restaurants” (partner hotels/restaurants with own feeding points)


A CAT SHELTER on SANTORINI for feline rescues that can’t make it out on the streets of Santorini!


….to enjoy every single moment a Santorini cat shares with you!...
...Feel good if a cat adopts you.

Feel your heart jump with joy when detecting an EC cat! This fellow friend has a better life thanks to your support! You can see the proof of our work, the EC sign will show it to you! You make it all possible! You actively reduce the suffering of cats on Santorini.

Trap Neuter Release TNR = STERILISATION


Ear Clipping = internationally recognized as the effective marking for neutered feral cats. 

Recommended by countless NPOs/NGOs such as Humane Society USA, World Society for Protection of Animals (WSPA) and International Cat Care/Feline Advisory Bureau (FAB). 

Minor surgical intervention under anesthesia during the neutering/spaying process.

PS: please DO send us pictures of EC cats

STERILA is documenting every sterilization, including pictures of each cat before and after operation so that we can track the cats’ history. We truly love receiving pictures of STERILA cats! Please also tell us when and where you have detected an EC cat. This means so much to us! It is the wonderful reward of our hard, expensive, sad and tough TNR work! It makes us keep on going and stronger!